About Tools

The website you are on right now is a tools website with tools like Online date converter BS to Ad, Nepali Calendar, Unicode to Preeti converter and some other useful tools. Tools available on this website are easy to use and free. So, Here you can use any tools you want, without getting interrupted.

There is more to share on this website, and we’ll try to share. We’ll also share some information about the share market in specific niches like the Upcoming IPO in Nepal. We’re trying something New that we’re unable to do on our main website. This website is a subdomain and the main website is Jenish Bhandari.

Actually, We’re mainly focused on the main website, but we’ll share tools and some niched information on this website, so keep visiting for more tools.

Our motive is to share services of some useful tools that are used in our daily life.

If you want to know more visit our main website and keep visiting for more useful free tools.